This a great place to find natural toys and clothing for your wee ones. I make Waldorf style dolls and toys that are safe for your child and good for the environment. A Waldorf style doll is an all-natural doll that is made with natural fibers. They typically have a neutral expression so the child can add the feelings that the doll is needing to fulfill. Cotton, wool and mohair are the main ingredients. As a child holds and plays with a Waldorf doll, the wool stuffing holds the child's body heat. No plastic or lead in these babies!

It is very important that child be able to manipulate the clothing of a Waldorf doll easily. I ensure that a new mommy or daddy can easily take off and put on the doll clothing by making the outfits with a full cut and simple closures. Most shirts and dresses fully open in the back so it isn't necessary to pull a garment over the head of the doll.

A Moonchild Waldorf style doll will be a wonderful addition to your child's life that can be passed down through the generations.